Scanning old negatives (DIY VS Professional Services – Mr Scan)

Everyone’s got some old negatives laid around somewhere and unfortunately like every physical medium they eventually degrade and no longer contain those memories you once had, instead a slow chemical reaction and degrading of the material. AWS.ECommerceService.ItemNotAccessible: This item is not accessible through the Product Advertising API. A few years...

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TP-Link WDR4300 (N750) with BT Infinity

I love getting new technology, I recently replaced a good chunk of networking devices in my home with TP-Link devices – I never like to use those routers that come with your ISP as they always seem to be very cheap and that’s noticeable usually by the fact it only...

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Projector or TV?

Home cinema’s have lately become more popular – you could put it down to reduction of costs and higher quality of systems (I believe Sony have had a 4K projector on the market for some time now although do be prepared, it is £17,000). So here’s the thing, TV’s are...

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Xbox One?

The Xbox One was recently announced – I’ve never really had a game console or really used them, I much preferred playing games on my PC but the PC becomes out dated quicker, constant upgrading, parts failing, etc. it made me start to wonder if I did want a game...

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Windows 8 Release Preview + Blu-Ray?

It appears that Microsoft seems to have changed something in Windows 8 that Blu-ray software seems to heavily rely on. I tried 4 different pieces of software; Cyberlink PowerDVD ArcSoft TotalMediaTheatre VLC Corel WinDVD All of these failed to work resulting in some disappointment, I tried a lot of different ways and different settings to...

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BT’s Infinity 2 – have we gone back to “up to”?

I was on BT’s Infinity 40Mb package – an incredible service compared to the very dismal ADSL service that I was receiving before but they announced last year they were going to double Infinity customers speeds without new equipment (just a change at the exchange). They’ve called it “Infinity 2” –...

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Why LoveFilm failed in a market it knows so well

I’ve been a member of LoveFilm for a few years now and have loved it, the whole principal of sending and receiving discs in the post was brilliant and with no late fee’s who could turn their nose up – especially since their main competition back then was Blackbuster which...

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Denon’s AH-D 1100

Headphones are something that we all wear – it’s difficult to get the same level of quality that we’re used to from our hi-fi systems, as well, because the driver is smaller so making those big bold sounds are more difficult – but they seem to have a stigma attached...

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It’s not Windows, it’s AMD

One thing I get a lot is people always coming up with some kind of BSOD joke in relation to how their computer doesn’t BSOD and that’s the reason why Windows is so bad or something ridiculous. As a Microsoft enthusiast I’ve had my fair share of BSOD’s but the thing...

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Installing your Kodak Printer without the horrendous Kodak Software

It’s one of my hates, you get a new device – you expect a nice integrated experience where Windows handles and natively installs just the driver creating a seamless experience, what you actually get is a mass of software you don’t care about and will probably never use – you...

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