Xbox One and weird No Input Signal Issues

April 17, 2014 by Andrew Seymour

The Setup

So, I actually got my Xbox One 6 months ago on launch day, being a sucker for new technology I ended up paying £429 which included the console and Forza, so, generally I was pleased with it, never had any gaming issues – of course, with my collection of 3D blu-ray films, I was disappointed that functionality was left out (and amazingly still is 6 months on!).

An issue I found after a few days of use (which has continued to this day despite numerous updates) is that, when you first turn the Xbox on after it being turned off, video services like Netflix or putting a Blu-ray in the drive cause a long input cycle/no input signal cycling issue – my setup is fairly standard;

Xbox One -> HDMI -> Onkyo TX-NR414 AV Amplifier -> HDMI -> Panasonic PT-AT5000E (That’s a Full-HD 3D projector)

I’m saying that sort of setup is fairly standard, in the sense that you have an amplifier as a pass-thru device (for video) connected to a HDTV or HD Projector, so, I tried a few different connections and ended up with this list as configurations that do and don’t work;

Xbox One -> Amplifier -> Projector – Issues Xbox One -> Projector – Works Xbox One -> Amplifier -> Dell Display – Works

I find this very strange – (Don’t immediately dismiss the Xbox as not being the issue as I explain later on) I think our suspicion is in the HDCP handshake but I find it incredibly strange that it’s this very specific configuration. I actually spent a lot of time contacting and communicating with Onkyo who were more than happy to help, even testing Xbox’s on amplifiers and devices they had and not finding an issue but were willing to take the amplifier away to be looked at which I declined as I don’t think it is that, Panasonic says the amplifier needs to be set to “loop through” to which Onkyo responded that the TX-NR414 doesn’t do any video processing at all (I tested complete “HDMI Through” while the Amplifier was in stand-by and the same issue occurred).

I’ve include a video below of the issue using the Netflix (although can be reproduced with the Bluray, 4oD, Amazon Video apps but doesn’t occur with the YouTube app);

Microsoft Support

So where does that leave me? With Microsoft support;

1st attempt

Alonna assured me this would be fixed in the next update and this is something they’re working on (the next update being the April update) – but guess what? It didn’t do anything – and because quotes are always good; “Alonna: And I can guarantee that this will be fixed with the next update, Andrew. Please bear with us, as the system is new, and we are still on the process on improving it.”.

2nd attempt

I spoke with Sweetie and Pearl (are these real names?) who said Microsoft doesn’t support Amplifiers or Projectors even though I tried explaining the only difference between a TV and a Projector is the output, the inputs and data input is exactly the same but this is the problem with a lot of customer support, they’re not technical people. To cut a long (over an hour conversation) story short, she said that the Xbox doesn’t support HDCP, amplifiers or projects – I had to confirm this with the Xbox team;

My frustration here is that, they’re clearly misinformed and would otherwise be telling people false information, so, I decided to call them;

3rd attempt

Martin seemed willing to be helpful but also seemed confused, he kept mentioning “One Guide” and satellite receivers, while trying to explain to him that both Onkyo and Panasonic engineers don’t see an issue with their equipment he was persistent in telling me that “that’s 100% your opinion” to which I told him how rude he’s being and that I hardly think that’s my opinion when I’m relying what other engineers are saying for very reputable companies – he said he could swap the xbox but they’d have to “hold” £420 from my account – I’ve never known any company do this before. Anyway, I was annoyed at him and wanted to speak to his manager where I got talking to Karl – who I’m currently talking with, so far, we’ve tried factory resetting the xbox to no success.

I got a call back the next day from Microsoft support who was ready to go through some troubleshooting steps – about 30 minutes before he called I’d been to my local Richer Sounds shop to pick up a Denon AVR-X2000 (display model) just to test and that’s fixed my issue completely – so I decided to do some research and it seems like a lot of people are having issues with Onkyo amplifiers and faulty HDMI boards – interestingly though, this is still a difficult issue, why? Because there’s a lot of unanswered questions like why do some devices work but the Xbox doesn’t but replacing the amplifier seems to have fixed it.


The main dilemma here is that I’m stuck between 3 different companies, none of which want to admit that this is their problem but I’m more inclined to think that this is a problem with the Xbox, briefly after the March update this problem went away until apps got updated 2 days later and brought the issue back plus, I’ve compiled a list of other devices that work without issue connected to the amplifier and projector;

  • PANASONIC – DMP-BDT120EB 3D Blu-Ray Player
  • Samsung BD-E5500 3D Blu-ray Player with Smart Hub (New for 2012)
  • Microsoft Surface Pro 2 (Mini Display Port to HDMI)
  • Sony Vaio (Blu Ray) Windows 8.1 Laptop (HDMI)
  • Sony PlayStation 3 (even 3D games worked without any issues)

The odd one out? The Xbox One – while I do enjoy the product, the style, the interface – It’s so unfinished it’s frustrating and what’s even more annoying is battling with support. The reason I’m writing this article is for a few reasons, the main to hopefully fix this problem and secondly, to highlight the level of technical knowledge in the customer service for the Xbox team – while I’m not expecting them to know the system architecture – saying things like “Xbox doesn’t support HDCP” is just wrong and shouldn’t happen.

If anyone has had or fixed this issue please let me know! I’ll keep updating the article as time goes on and hopefully will benefit someone else in the future.

The other reason for having this article here is to highlight the issues Microsoft has with it’s customer support, they should have better knowledge of the product and need to be less argumentative especially when they’re saying ridiculous things that simply aren’t true.

Things Tried

  • Replaced all HDMI cables
  • Connected differently/Changed Xbox settings
  • Soft Reboot
  • Hard Reboot (Reset to factory settings)
  • Waiting for fixes in updates

Work Arounds

  • Connect the xbox directly to the projector and via an optical digital cable to the amplifier as recommended by @xboxsupport3 (Problem I have with this, the point of a 6 input amplifier is to quickly switch between devices, this means, you have 2 devices you’d need to switch between but more importantly, isn’t a fix!)

Ultimate Fix

  • Replaced the Onkyo TX-NR414 with a Denon AVR-X2000 and the problem goes away – faulty Onkyo receiver or some compatibility issue? Remembering though that even “HDMI Through/Loop Through” didn’t work on the Onkyo which was supposed to leave the signal unchanged.

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