Dell XPS 2720 (all in one) flickering screen syndrome

December 13, 2013 by Andrew Seymour

You get to a stage when building and upgrading your computers has lost all of it’s excitement and it just becomes a chore. I opted for an all-in-one for convenience, while yes if something goes wrong outside of warranty it won’t be a great outcome, I’m getting what I want.

I opted for the Dell XPS 2720 al-in-one, out of all the manufacturers it actually seemed to have the latest technologies and the highest specs, with 16GB RAM, 2TB drive with 32GB caching SSD, Blu-ray drive and the enormous 27″ screen with WQHD resolution.

However, when I first turned it on I noticed something very strange with it, and that’s random screen flickering, it’s only slight and occasional but enough annoying, at first, I thought it was just a drive issue and even waited for Windows 8.1 but nothing seemed to make a difference.

So, the guys at Dell Support tried a few things, updated the BIOS to A05 and downgraded the graphics drivers (although these were the newest ones on the Dell site, I guess Intel have newer drivers on their site when I tried to update them to try and fix the problem) – we ended the call and left it at that and said that I’ll try it tonight and see how it goes.

So, it started developing a new flickering style which was even more crazy where the screen would actually go completely black, you can see here;

Unfortunately at this time, the phone support had closed, I phoned them back the next day or rather, they phoned me at work to basically tell me that they think they’ve found a solution to my problem (which is actually awesome, that they were still looking into a cause even though I hadn’t mentioned that what they did had caused it to get work).

He took control again and mentioned a Chipset update, he sent me “ISP Tool_AIO_130812.7z“, which unzipped has an application that looks like; scalar

Once that was completed, the problem was resolved – there was no more flickering (a side-effect was that Windows would no longer detect the screen as a touch screen until a “refresh” was done). If you’re having the flickering like above I’d recommend to phone Dell, ask for this chipset patch (it’s not available on their website) and get them to do it.


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