Windows Phone 8 + NFC Wallet Transactions + EE (4GEE)

August 24, 2013 by Andrew Seymour

Oh EE, since switching to a 4G phone I’ve had to phone you more than ever. Previously I had Orange and switched to EE from a free upgrade they offered me, sent me a 4G sim card and put it on a 3GB plan – recently, for the same amount I’m paying they’ve upped it to 10GB for the same plan at the same price, quite an increase!

When I questioned them about this, they claim it’s a “double data” offer – hold on, let’s do some basic mathematics there, 3 + 3 = 6GB (that’s double data!) 3 + 3 +3 + 1 = 10GB (is not double data?).


Secondly, 4G is awesome on EE when it works, here’s a screenshot showing just how fast it can be (that wasn’t full signal).

However, I then go to Monument in Newcastle and get 2G (can’t even get data), walk up from Monument to Haymarket and 4G comes back (conveniently near the EE store).

The woman in the store claims it’s “optimisation” of the masts and recently Whitley Bay had no service for 5 weeks – is that acceptable from a mobile phone network?

So, the main feature of my phone that i’m interested in using is NFC Payments/Transactions which Windows Phone 8 supports via the Wallet – it fully comes down to the mobile operator to get this to work (requirements are NFC Sim Card and Application from the Operator to integrate with the Wallet).

Now EE sold me a new NFC Sim Card in store for £10 (apparently, I could claim it back, which I did manage to do – or so, I’ve been told I have) but EE doesn’t actually have an App for the Wallet blaming Microsoft and Nokia for the problems, claiming it’s taken 10 months to get Apps through the Windows Phone Marketplace – something that is not true, I’ve manage to get apps through there within days.

I think very clearly here is EE either doesn’t care about the Windows Phone (which then they should tell perspective customers of this) or, when they were designing the EE brand they just didn’t think about any of this and everything has been an after thought.

Overall, very disappointed with EE and 4G – when it works, it’s great but don’t expect it to and any support for Windows Phone? Forget about it, the EE representative on the phone claimed it’s Android and iOS they’re focusing on, and that they’ve probably forgotten about Windows Phone.


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