Xbox One?

May 23, 2013 by Andrew Seymour

The Xbox One was recently announced – I’ve never really had a game console or really used them, I much preferred playing games on my PC but the PC becomes out dated quicker, constant upgrading, parts failing, etc. it made me start to wonder if I did want a game console. But here’s the thing, the Xbox One seems to be so much more than that.


They’re really going for this whole entertainment angle which I have to admire, trying to create a box for is the centre of your living room is a fantastic idea – a box for your TV, movies, music, apps, internet and games. Is it possible? The problem here lies, the common British saying, “a jack of all trades but a master of none” or that some variation of that.

The whole TV interoperability is quite poor especially when you look at “Live TV” – for America (for now), it’s just a connect between your Xbox one and your Cable Box (not sure how that works in the work or if it will at all with things like Freesat, Freeview, Sky and so on) – so what that means is, you have to turn on your cable box, Xbox and TV? Surely just cut out the Xbox? This is an example of a bad or last minute implementation of something that doesn’t need to be there.

The other TV aspects are fantastic, when you look at the line up of internet TV services the list is impressive however, that comes with a catch like it does on the 360 – you need an Xbox gold membership to stream Netflix? Seems odd that you have to pay for an Xbox to pay for a subscription to watch that other service you’re already paying for? Granted my Blu-ray player has a terrible and slow implementation of a Netflix app but it certainly doesn’t charge me a subscription for it.

I’m sure gaming is one area the Xbox one will excel but when you look at it from the entertainment prospective – it seems to just be one very expensive subscription-based box. I’m a huge fan of Microsoft but I think this is the wrong way to try and become the centre of the living room – what is frustrating is that they’re close to their goal, there just needs to be some tweaks. Will I be buying one? I’m not sure yet, I hope there’s some more “wow” features on the way otherwise, it’s one subscription too many.

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