It’s not Windows, it’s AMD

March 18, 2012 by Andrew Seymour

One thing I get a lot is people always coming up with some kind of BSOD joke in relation to how their computer doesn’t BSOD and that’s the reason why Windows is so bad or something ridiculous.

As a Microsoft enthusiast I’ve had my fair share of BSOD’s but the thing that problem fail to see if that the BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) has occurred because it had to – most common reasons are some kind of hardware fault, for example, bad RAM can produce BSOD’s, using a driver that’s incompatible with that hardware might put it into a bad state and therefore, cause a BSOD.

Windows just doesn’t throw fatal errors at you because it feels like it – everything happens for a reason. I’m going to take a bold step here and blame the third-party’s – who am I talking about? the likes of AMD – My computer only ever BSOD’s these days because of some atikmpag.sys error (odd though really, guess they haven’t found the time to rename it to amdkmpag.sys – guess you don’t put your name on the things that don’t work).

The most frustrating thing I find with AMD – they take forever to fix things – there’s a common fault in the graphics driver of some AMD versions and for specific sets of hardware – to give you an idea, I’ve got an AMD HD6970 (quite a powerful card), I’m using Windows 8 with the RC10 driver from AMD’s website (this problem does exist in Windows 7 as well with the latest drivers).

As you can see, HD content from certain sources causes heavy blocking – a problem that’s existed since 11.4 (that’s April, 2011) drivers. The one thing that amazes me about this whole thing is that they’re a graphics card manufacturing and promote their graphics cards based on powerful hardware acceleration but yet, can’t even hardware accelerate HD content.

Their response to me, posing this question;

Most likely by April 2012 we will have the fix.

Really? It’s taken you a year to fix it? My concern is “most likely” so, in that case – this could be on going for sometime.

My point to this whole thing really – It’s not Windows or Microsoft’s fault your third-party driver returned an error back and caused Windows to BSOD. There could also be another point in there about AMD not really being what they used to be, they used to be incredibly reputable graphics cards – I’ve never bought anything else, my 8-core AMD Bulldozer CPU is fantastic and works brilliantly with Windows 8, if only they could bring their graphics drivers “up-to-scratch”.

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