Denon’s AH-D 1100

March 24, 2012 by Andrew Seymour

Headphones are something that we all wear – it’s difficult to get the same level of quality that we’re used to from our hi-fi systems, as well, because the driver is smaller so making those big bold sounds are more difficult – but they seem to have a stigma attached to them whereby people just don’t want to pay that much for them.

I used to have some Senheiser’s and while the sound was good – the bass was often lacking – I’m not a fan of just adding bass for the sake of it and distorting the sound which often happened – the bass sound drown out the vocals and affect the whole sound.

I do like to think I have a passion for sound – whether I’m quite getting it right could be debatable but as with vision, I think everyone likes things differently – what one person likes the sound of hear, the other might not.

My old Senheiser’s were aging any way so it was time for an upgrade, I’d recently bought a Denon amplifier and while that might seem like quite a leap – I’ve always regard the likes of Denon as a high quality audio-brand – so I went on the search for “affordable” Denon headphones – I do realise that they more money you spend, the more detailed the sound probably will be from them. So I settled on some AH-D 1100 after some good reviews and some slight problematic reviews – but I’ll get to that shortly. For the record, when I bought them they were £66 from Amazon, it appears they’re now £95 as time of writing (I guess I got in there at the right time).

I’ll start with the “problematic reviews” – these headphones are plastic and some of the reviews mentioned that theirs snapped – now, while it is plastic and I wouldn’t recommend a throwing match with them I haven’t found any issues with the plastic being brittle enough to snap – I’ve put some weight on them (mainly, my head) and they’ve coped fine.

One thing that I did before trying these headphones, was turn off all “enhancements” such as bass-boost and loudness equalisation as often these distort the sound. I am very glad I turned off bass-boost as the bass is incredible, it feels like cinema bass but here’s what makes this special – the bass doesn’t at all affect the vocal clarity – or clarity of any sound at all.

It’s an incredibly dynamic sound with really good bass – I think for the price you can’t go wrong, It’s odd going back to my Senheiser’s though – I tried them afterwards and they almost sound muffled, like they’re not clear at all. To anyone looking for some headphones, reasonably priced and good bass – these are definitely the pair.

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