WTV HD Judder/Stutter with Media Centre 7 and AMD

February 19, 2012 by Andrew Seymour

So this one might be quite obscure but if you use Windows Media Centre to watch, record or playback HD content then you may have come across this.

It’s quite frankly really bizarre – my HTPC has an integrated HD4200 and only with HD in the form of WTV files or live HD from the tuner through Media Centre but things like Blu-ray’s and other HD material (non-wtv) were perfectly fine.

To cut a long story short and a lot of investigation it came down to one thing, the CCC (AMD’s Catalyst Control Centre) which seems odd as it’s just software that allows you to configure different elements of your GPU but my theory is to do with the settings it installs.

I’d recommend completely removing the driver and any other AMD related software. Then install only the driver. Problem seems to have solved, there is no reason for you to have the CCC unless you specifically need it.

So – let’s say you need CCC to adjust the Underscan on your HDMI connected tv – this can be done without the CCC but I’ll admit, it’s not as easy;

I have read a few different places where they’ve said it can’t be done but I can assure you (as I’ve done it) it can be – I came across the forum post below that describes how to do it by editing the registry keys (make sure you know what you’re doing here though as potentially you could prevent Windows from working);

Open regedit and go to:
In there, there’ll be some keys looking like this:
{ECA904C2-25E6-4680-9B2C-44EBC0EC9190} (with different numbers and letters ;o)
Highlight the “Video” key at the top of the tree, and do a search for “1920×1080” (or whatever resolution you want to change).
You’ll find some keys in subfolders named 0000, 0001, etc.
The keys will begin with DALR6 DFPXXXXxYYYYx0xFF
XXXX= Horizontal resolution
YYYY= Vertical resolution
FF= Display frequency
Before you continue, take a backup of the original keys by right-clicking the {xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx}-type key, and select “Export”
Click on the key matching the screen resolution and frequency you want to remove the borders of.
A lot of the key will consist of “00”, but there’ll be a few non-00 entries. Change all of these to 00.
Finally, I had two subfolders, 0000 and 0001, containing mirrors of the same keys. When I changed a key in one subfolder, it also changed in the other.


I hope this has helped someone with the same issue – what would be fantastic is if AMD actually fixed this problem that in some situations is apparent with ALL driver version.

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