HTC TITAN Picture Quality and New Features

December 3, 2011 by Andrew Seymour

I think that it is quite incredible just how powerful camera’s are becoming on phones – the censors are getting smaller and smaller but yet also gaining quality – Windows Phone adds some interesting features like Panorama, Face Detection and Macro’s.

This is an example of 2-photo Panorama of a Cross Country train that my friend “Andrew Brook” took (yes, he has the same first name as me), click for larger image:


The stitch happens on the phone and is seamless – you can do a 3-photo Panorama which is the maximum you can do but actually, produces quite a long image so I don’t think you’d need more than 3.

Macro’s were one of the more interesting things, I gave my friend “Andrew Manson” and he did a few different takes, eventually getting a clear Macro of his phone – ease of use really comes into play here, like most Macro systems, tap on the picture that you want to focus on and it’ll refocus the lense and take the picture, here’s an example;


The first one shows the focus on the phone, the second one the focus is on the drink and Chris Neale in the background, with the third one appearing to be the left side of the phone. This does allow you to get some really good close up shots of things;


The image quality I think is really good, definitely improved heavily over the predecessor (HTC HD7) – this combined with Windows Phone 7 Mango creates the 2nd generation of Windows Phones. While this might not be the best article to flaunt the camera it does demonstrate the new features of the camera for 2nd Generation Windows Phones.

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