December 12, 2011 by Andrew Seymour

lovefilm-logo-cropped-420-90I love LoveFilm, despite what you mean have thought by the title. It’s concept is brilliant and it’s just so easy to rent something, clearly how it managed to survive when BlockBuster crashed is simply because of how brilliant their model is, I mean, “no late fees” – that’s an amazing thing right?

It is, if they have the films in the format you want – let’s not all jump to conclusions here, there really are only 2 formats in the movie world, DVD & Blu-ray. It’s even easy to grab old films in Blu-ray as they simply re-scanned the original film at a higher resolution.

So, the problem? Take Johnny English Reborn – a film that hasn’t come out but, how wrong does your information have to be for you not to realise this mistake?


That’s right, it says “06 Jun 2060” – okay so, maybe I’m being picky and mistakes can happen but you’ll notice it’s also a “Universal Pictures” studio film – this is important as LoveFilm doesn’t “deal” with them and so, if your favourite films are produced by Universal, you won’t be renting them with LoveFilm – not quite sure how a “film rental service” can miss out major studio’s like that.

My second biggest gripe is format availability, take a look at this;


So, the problem here is, I can rent it on DVD but yet, not Blu-ray? what? why not? This happens on a lot of films that I want, I want to experience films in the highest of fidelity especially if I know that I could just buy the Blu-ray copy, which they often suggest you do;


Why would you show me results to buy a film when I’m on a rental site? Will someone please explain the logic of that to me? I’ve come here to rent a film as part of my package that I pay you for, don’t suggest to me that I spend my money elsewhere (mind you, it takes you to Amazon so I guess my money would be going to the same place, just more of it).

I’ve been a LoveFilm customer for over a year and while I have successfully managed to rent 82 films from them, I still have a lot of “reserved” films with “unavailable for rental” written next to them and lots of films I’ve just had to buy because they simply didn’t offer the one I wanted.

What do I think the future is? Well, I “hope” that the Zune service improves support in Media Center for the UK and I’ll simply stream HD films to my TV – I think with the broadband infrastructure improving all the film, not just in the UK but in the rest of the world, we’ll start to see a lot more streaming content and hopefully, in a lot more visually stunning Hi-Def.

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