Don’t “Technical Support” Me

December 18, 2011 by Andrew Seymour

Building a new computer is always difficult, part selection is definitely the most difficult especially as the computing industry is moving so quickly and somewhere along the line, you’ve got to make a compromise.

Asrock do an AM3+ mATX UEFI board that supports Bulldozer – pretty modern stuff, I also have a 3TB drive which another reason I’d like UEFI, mATX because my Lian-Li case is mATX and Asrock, because they’re the only people that do a motherboard like this.

On Asrock’s website it says R2.0 at the end of the product name, assuming it means Revision 2, I found the same board on Amazon sold by “BASE” whoever they are but, it didn’t say R2.0 on it so, next logical step is to ask them, this is what I sent them;


I’m just wanting to enquire about the “Asrock AM3 890GM PRO3 Micro-ATX Motherboard 5200MT/S Includes Sound Graphics and LAN” that you have instock, is this R2.0 as ASRock say on their website and does this one support UEFI anyway?

Andrew Seymour

Pretty standard to be honest and quite a simple question, and a good response I guess, didn’t quite answer my question;

Hi Andrew Seymour, I am very sorry we do not have direct access to the stock. Our supplier usually sends us the newest version of all items. For any technical advice please contact Asrock directly. Kind regards, Jason Customer Services

I’d still like to know how to get this information or find this out so I sent a response;

Hello Jason,

Thanks for your response, my only concern is that they might be slightly different models as Asrock’s website says; (890GM Pro3 R2.0) which I believe the R2.0 is Revision 2 of the motherboard and so I’m not quite sure that the first version would be the same or support the same processors, is there any way to find this out?

Andrew Seymour

I’m trying to buy something from them, this is important – I’m actually being quite persistent and I’d imagine most people would have walked away by now – something that they should realise, they need customers to make them money, it’s a basic overview of e-commerce but it works. Quite an unexpected response from BASE;

Hi Andrew Seymour, I am very sorry we can not provide technical support. Please contact ASRock directly at the following link: Kind regards, Jason Customer Services

I’m sorry, what? I’m not asking for technical support – why would I ask ASrock about what version of the product you’re selling? This is just insane, in my opinion, you shouldn’t sell something you don’t know anything about and perhaps shouldn’t be so dismissive.

For a point, I wasn’t asking for technical support, I was asking for customer service.

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