Sorry O2, I’m cheating on you with Orange and Windows Phone

November 26, 2011 by Andrew Seymour

It’s no secret that I have a love for Windows Phone, I got the HTC HD7 the first day it was launched in the UK – even though it was an incredibly sparse phone to get a hold of – clearly O2 wasn’t interested in it back then either.

So it’s been a while since I got my HD7, over a year and then they announced the 2nd generation phones – much improved, better quality and they’ve almost learnt from their mistakes. It was time for an upgrade.

I went into O2, to ask if they had the HTC Titan, she said “No” then said she’ll check the computer – while she was doing this I was mentioning that people on the O2 forums were saying that you wont stock the Titan – she looked at me and said “what?” – she clearly wasn’t listening to a word I was saying or just didn’t care.

So I repeated myself, which she replied with the fact that they wont stock any Windows Phones in the future, which now appears to be untrue and they’ll stock the Nokia Lumia’s later in the year. I continued with “but then there’s no upgrade path for me” – (she knew I had the HD7) – which she replied with “there’s plenty of phones to chose from” … I’m sorry what? You think I just want to switch to any old shit you have, I don’t think so.

That angered me quite a lot, I’ve been an O2 customer for 8, maybe 9 years and have always loved their network – but that was the final straw, I have had quite poor customer service in the past but their network has always been good. But customers vote with their feet and so I went into Orange – they didn’t stock the HTC Titan but were very nice and suggested Carphone Warehouse – it was just down the street so thought “why not?”.

Carphone Warehouse had the Titan on display, it was amazingly large, looked incredible. To cut a long story short – he brought up a list of Networks that supported the Titan – that’s a list then of pretty much every network except O2. This shows a network that’s falling behined the times – or thought, “we’ve got the iPhone, fuck all the other phones” – that’s probably more true.

The amazing thing is, using a Windows Phone on Orange is a different experience, Orange actually has spent some time and developed applications for the Windows Phone – you can get Orange Wednesday’s app – the most interesting one was to charge things on your phone straight to your Orange bill, something that wasn’t in my O2 Windows Phone. Overall, very pleased I moved.

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