Microsoft Touch Mouse

November 23, 2011 by Andrew Seymour

So recently I received a Microsoft Touch Mouse, it’s the most expensive mouse that I’ve owned but it definitely seems to live up to it’s price tag – it’s a truly incredible mouse even down to the way it’s packaged.


When you remove the little mouse podium that it’s on, underneath is where you find all your cables, batteries, software and such like;


What you’ll find is the mouse is attached to the whole white board that was just removed, this was actually a little bit difficult. trying to remove the mouse at a 45 degree angle, while pressing down on 2 clips at the back and holding the white tray steady. Eventually it came off with a little bit of pressure – the instructions don’t give much away on how to do this;


Maybe I was just doing it wrong? Besides the point, setup was incredibly easy – I didn’t bother installing the software first, after all it’s designed for Windows 7, it grabbed all the drivers by default but was a little bit disappointed it didn’t grab the IntelliPoint Software as well but that was just grabbed straight from the site (

My previous mouse had quite a large receiver so was very impressed and also found it quite funny the fact that the USB connector is actually larger than the transceiver;


The size of it is quite standard, perhaps not as peaked as my previous mouse but you can see a direct comparison – very little difference, maybe just a little bit more streamlined;


The software guides you through all the gesture – there are quite a lot of things you can do, maximise applications, snap them left and right, show the desktop, go back and forth on a browser for example.

It does take a little bit of getting used to be but I think any new device does, but very quickly it becomes intuitive and comes naturally. I definitely recommend the Microsoft Touch Mouse, it simplifies life so much.

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