Using a custom router with BT Infinity

September 21, 2011 by Andrew Seymour

So, no one ever likes to use the equipment that comes with their broadband package because usually it either doesn’t have enough ports or you’ve already got something configured – so, with this, if your router supports EWAN like mine does (Billion BiPac 7800N) then you can use Infinity with it.

Connect the gateway (the white box they installed) straight into your router’s EWAN port and use these settings:

  • Protocol: PPPoE
  • Username:
  • NAT: Enable
  • Obtain DNS: Enable (unless you want to use your own)
  • Password: (I’ve left this blank, seems to work)
  • Authentication Protocol: Auto
  • MTU: 1492

And voila! You should be connected to BT Infinity with your own equipment, screenshot below to see exactly what it looks like;


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