How to extend your WiFi Signal (both Speed and Coverage)

June 2, 2011 by Andrew Seymour

WiFi makes it so easy to give internet access to remote devices such as laptops and smartphones but, I’ve always found it to be temperamental such as moving it a few meters can sometimes mean you get a different signal quality. All in all, it’s good but, I couldn’t seem to stream HD stuff, just juddered so, I looked into strengthening the signal and even getting it into a house across the road.

The Antennae

This is the first thing I believe can be replaced and is the simplest to do, I bought the TP-Link TL-ANT2408CL 2.4GHz 8dbi Indoor Omni-Directional Antenna well, 3 of them as it’s a 802.11n router. Here’s a before picture:


And here’s a picture after:


The best way to demonstrate just how big of a difference these are is a side by side comparison – manufacturers never seem to ship antennae like this:


With these new ones, I can now stream HD content anywhere in my house but, let’s say I need to then extend that across the street to another house – so, we’ve already bought the new antennae which should give us a stronger signal other there anyway but, we now need a range extender such as the NETGEAR WN2000RPT Universal WiFi Range Extender – Wireless network extender – 802.11b/g/n which extended the network pretty well actually, sure, it’s not as fast as being connected to the original one but, it does provide increased coverage.

Last thing to buy was a high gain USB antenna, this worked pretty well and as expected – it was 802.11n compatible up to 150 meg so it obviously connected at full rate. Very impressed, good signal – can stream TV shows just fine.

All in all, cost around £70 but, did exactly what I wanted it to do.

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