Social Marketing is Easier?

May 12, 2011 by Andrew Seymour

Driving traffic to a website, depending on who you speak to can either be something that’s easy to do or something that takes a lot of time and effort but however you look at it, there are a lot of different ways. The first things you should do are the free ones, improving SEO, friendly URL’s , clean code and of course, having a good idea and a site that people will be attracted to.

But then, you jump down the paid routes, the biggest one is obviously Google Adwords which delivers if you set insanely high bid prices and quite often, you’re not at the stage you can afford to sink that kind of money, the kind of money that is just pocket change to the fortune 500 companies.

So social? I recently tried Facebook Ads as I was getting nowhere with Adwords or Adcenter which was hugely disappointing because I’ve had successes with them in the past so, I turned to Facebook but instead of advertising a link to a site I advertised a Facebook page that would gain likes – I set a budget of £15 which seemed reasonable for first try.

This time, it was hugely successful, going from an abismal 11 likes to 52 likes in a weekend and sure, that doesn’t sound like a lot but, that’s 52 extra daily traffickers as you post stuff to your page then essentially you’re reminding them that the site is still there without the need to re-advertise – this principal and concept is a lot better and in my opinion works out cheaper for what you really get, the true value of those people, the main reason the likes are successful is because you target it to a users interests, something you can’t really do with Adcenter or Adwords. This works for a more effective campaign.

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