Silly Microsoft Skype Concerns

May 12, 2011 by Andrew Seymour

Since Microsoft bought Skype a lot of my friends have been commenting on things they think will happen and it’s alarming how “concerned” they are (I’d say, fake fears). So, I’d like to outline something’s that i think are realistic in outcome.

Microsoft will charge for Skype

No, this won’t happen – they don’t currently charge for Windows Live services (and don’t believe they ever will). Sure, Microsoft Lync costs money but that’s because it’s an enterprise targeted product, Skype I believe is still quite consumer focused and so I believe these two will continue to be run in parallel but may be merged with Windows Live.

I hope Microsoft doesn’t ruin Skype

Why would they? What do you classify as “ruin” – I’d say this mainly comes from Apple users who are more picky about looks than functionality they think Mac’s are better and don’t realise you can do and emulate the same with a Linux Distro and were gullible enough to pay the 5,000% markup (or whatever it these days) on Apple hardware.

Skype is in Microsoft’s best interests to keep it strong and grow it’s user base, what is an $8 billion acquisition if you’re not going to look after it and keep it expanding. UI wise, I think Skype could become more native to the OS and become more organised with quick glance status’s.

Will I still be able to contact my family abroad?

I’m sorry what? Have I missed something? You can contact your family abroad for free with Windows Live Messenger and have been able to for years so why would they suddenly change this? This one just does not make any sense.

Will my Skype peripheral still work?

More than likely, Microsoft are the kings of compatibility whether it comes from IE or Windows they’ve always been able to keep legacy software and hardware going. I’d imagine this could be one of the ways for them to make money by selling Skype peripheral’s but that will surely just enhance the whole Skype experience.


Conclusion: I think Skype is in very safe hands with this one, but, if you have any concerns please comment and I’ll make sure I add them to my list.

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