The Power of Nodes

April 17, 2011 by Andrew Seymour

So, I’ve been consolidating my servers into one – it seemed to be cheaper to do it that way but it’s also easier to manager – just a single update process rather than having to update 3 different servers, this is time consuming and so I went for the best option.

At first, I attempted a 3 node VPS with Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise but, I personally think that edition is way too big for a VPS even with 30 gigabytes of storage only 8 gigabytes was left for the actual websites and other programs.

After things started going wrong and lack of true control panel support (I would have paid for Enkompass but VPS.Net didn’t provide it plus, it did seem like a lot on top of backups, Windows license and Server Density) I opted for Debian 6 – always a safe choice. The beauty here is I started with 3 nodes, transferred my other 2 single node VPS’s sites to this new 3 node VPS then deleted the other 2 single node VPS’s and was ultimately left with 5 node VPS.

What does this mean though? It’s so incredibly quick and seamless to go from node to node and back again – say, your site gets huge amounts of traffic simply add a node or two – the great thing is, it’s all graphical and simple, no technical knowledge required, at all.

I would like to point out though, I’m not saying Windows Server is bad – I maybe think that’ edition was a bad choice.

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