Plex in the Cloud

The Problem For a few years now - I've had a local NAS, with local RAID 1 disks to provide redundancy - gone from NAS to NAS, and disk to disk with what feels like endless failure rates - i've got a good chunk of drives that are rectified returns or failed...

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Upgrading HP Microserver N54L RAM

So recently I sold my old Thecus NAS (it was very slow and Linux based which while Samba “works” meta information for images and such is lost) and it was time for an upgrade, I wanted something power friendly as it would be running 24/7 while allowing me to install...

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Xbox One and weird No Input Signal Issues

The Setup So, I actually got my Xbox One 6 months ago on launch day, being a sucker for new technology I ended up paying £429 which included the console and Forza, so, generally I was pleased with it, never had any gaming issues – of course, with my collection of...

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Getting /Server-Status to work with Amazon ElasticBeanstalk + CodeIgniter

I was trying to get the /server-status for my CI site running on ElasticBeanstalk (while I realise this isn’t particularly helpful for a load balanced system as you’d only get it for the server making the request, it isn’t getting a lot of traffic at the moment and i’m sure...

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Tags: apache, apache2, codeigniter, mod_status, php, server-status

Dell XPS 2720 (all in one) flickering screen syndrome

You get to a stage when building and upgrading your computers has lost all of it’s excitement and it just becomes a chore. I opted for an all-in-one for convenience, while yes if something goes wrong outside of warranty it won’t be a great outcome, I’m getting what I want. I...

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Why I changed job – and why you should too!

Recently, I worked for a very large e-commerce company in the North of England named “VisualSoft” – recently voted as the one of the top 100 uk tech companies but it’s always different looking outside-in. I’ve always had the mantra of, if you’re not happy in your job then change. I...

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Using PDO (MySQL) in CodeIgniter 2.x.x

PDO is pretty helpful – most frameworks have a Database driver and subclasses that people need to write in order to get that specific database working (things like ORM/ActiveRecord still need these) but essentially that’s what PDO is except it’s an extension to PHP. PDO support is in CodeIgniter 2.x.x however,...

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Windows Phone 8 + NFC Wallet Transactions + EE (4GEE)

Oh EE, since switching to a 4G phone I’ve had to phone you more than ever. Previously I had Orange and switched to EE from a free upgrade they offered me, sent me a 4G sim card and put it on a 3GB plan – recently, for the same amount I’m paying...

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Deploying GIT onto Amazon Elastic Beanstalk (AWS)

Cloud services are awesome but really, they only truly work when deployment is easy and manageable. I have to say, Amazon’s deployment is more complex than Microsoft’s and this isn’t a game of top trumps, this comes down to a case of usability and speed of setup (no one wants...

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Gotye – Somebody That I Used To Know (Parody Roundup)

It used to be a very popular song, it was pretty catchy – Gotye, Somebody that I used to know – was probably a favourite of mine for some time but I guess I wasn’t the only one – it seems to be one of the most parodied songs on...

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